Zelda The Musical

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Save Me The Waltz (Soliloquy)

Zelda: 1900 - 1948

Year: 1936
Highland Hospital, Ashville

40 year old Scott, now an achoholic, visits Zelda in the Highland Hospital psychiatric institution.

Home alone, melancholy, he attempts to envisage Zelda's life.

Imagine - you sing a song and nobody hears
You write a tale that's never told
And you dance in the shadows
With only demon ghosts to offer applause

What of her then eh? What of my Zelda?
At least I had my day in the sun - once
Even if I do still crave more of the same
She however my dear demented wife
My partner in life
She must always appear gay and jolly good fun
Even though her soul is yet to truly fly
What a farce it all is what a tragedy
What a stupid damn shame

I really loved my Zelda my Miss Alabama
But I'm not strong enough for her right now
Being so involved with me - huh myself
and my own desperate needs
Dear God in heaven help me find some peace of mind
Make her well again
Please for Scottie and for me


© Rebecca Music/Lucky4Music


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