Zelda The Musical

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Save Me The Waltz

Zelda: 1900 - 1948

Year: 1927
Hollywood USA

Zelda (27) and Scott (31) move to Hollywood where Scott is invited to write a film score for United Artists.

Zelda felt Scott was becoming over friendly with the 17 year old starlet Lois Moran. They quarrell about her, at a party. Scott said to Zelda that at least Lois did something with herself, 'something that required not only talent, but effort.'

Over the years Scott had constantly sniped at Zelda to get off his back and do her own thing but Zelda was particularly hurt by this latest remark.

She leaves the party early and retires to the writers and stars bungalows at the Ambassador Hotel.

Alone, she looks at herself in the mirror. She decides things have to change. She's going to make a name for herself - she's going to become a dancer - 'A Pavlova - nothing less'.

She looks at the clock. It's midnight. She sings:-

Look at the time Zelda
Why are you all alone?

Here in the dark wondering
Where is the light of my life
Waiting upon my hero
One more night

I have a dream always
That never quite comes true
Before the dance is over
Here's all I want from you

Save me the waltz
That's all I'm asking
Say that you're mine
When the tango is through

Dazzle the world until the end
Whatever, please won't you save me the waltz - my friend

(One of these days Francis Scott Fitzgerald
Mrs Fitzgerald is going to become a famous dancer,
Or a writer an artist
Silly handsome young men will throw themselves at my feet
How would you like that Francis Scott Fitzgerald?
How would you like that?)

Somebody new, thrills you
Younger I guess 'que moi'
I love you still I do
Oh what a fool you are

Save me the waltz
That's all I'm asking
Say that you're mine
When the tango is through


© Rebecca Music/Lucky4Music


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