Zelda The Musical

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Princess of the Western World

Zelda: 1900 - 1948

Year: 1925
Le Crillon Nightclub - Paris

Scott and Zelda visit Le Crillon nightclub.

The show opens with 'erotic' entertainer Gigi Moraux, followed by American jazz phenomenon Bix Beiderbecke.

Gigi opens her act:-

A princess of the western world
Was fed up with the town
Her life was oh so civilized
It only brought her down

Hob nobbing with hoi polloi
And swapping lah di da's
Just made her long to get away
Even if it meant to mars

And so she bought a yacht
And headed off to cuba
Looking for a blue lagoon
A tropic paradise
They spent a day in old havana
Trading dom perignon,
For barrels of pina colada

Then, once again,
They rode the caribbean
'till' a mighty storm came up
And swept her to the shore
She found herself marooned
The thunder roared, our lady swooned
And fell asleep 'till' darkness was no more

When she awoke
A golden sun was shining
And she heard a siren's song
Drifting on the breeze
She was a long way from the city
Feeling no pity for boring people
With everything

Up and down she wandered on the warm sand
Looking for a shady nest, a room with a view
No more need to dress for dinner
Single and not yet a sinner
For a moment all her dreams came true

Just when it seemed all hope was lost
They'd have their savage way
A dashing captain rescued her
And she lived to love another day - aah
And back amongst the café crowd
Queen of society
Her life is one big party now
Just the way it used to be!!


© Rebecca Music/Lucky4Music


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