Zelda The Musical

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The Letters

Zelda: 1900 - 1948

Year: 1919
Zelda: 6 Pleasant Avenue, Montgomery
Scott: 200 Claremont Ave, New York

22 year old Scott and 19 year old Zelda are ‘informally’ engaged. He is in New York, she is in Montgomery.

Over the months they exchange numerous letters. Isolated from each other, they sing:-

Zelda, deep in the night I hear your voice so clear
Softly singing the words of love I long to hear
Daylight finds me alone in a silent world
A world without you, filling my life with your smile
What's to become of me.

Zelda, you know by now I miss you every day
Nothing matters at all with you so far away
Every letter you write me, I learn by heart
You know I've read them over and over again.

Dear one, I love you madly
Wish you were by my side
Life is so empty with you gone
Someday, I'll awake to find you here
Lover, sleeping softly next to me.

Losing my heart to an angel
This side of paradise
Heaven is any place you are
Soon we'll be together for all time
Sharing in a love that's meant to be.



© Rebecca Music/Lucky4Music


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