Zelda The Musical

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Zelda: 1900 - 1948

Year: 1919
'Buddy's Bar', New York

22 year old Scott has been discharged from the army, and after an on and off courtship, he is planning to marry Zelda.

He moves to New York and gets a job writing ads for the Barron Collier advertising agency, but drinks most of his earnings away every day in New York bars. He and his contemporaries don't give a damn about tomorrow - all that matters is today. They sing:-

Tomorrow won't happen til tomorrow
So who cares a damn about tomorrow
Today is all that matters for today
This very second while the world is wonderful and gay

The future is hiding in the shadows
We might be dead and gone before we know
Why hang on to your money
Just spend it on your honey
Music, Mr. Biederbeck, let's go

Baby d'you wanna have fun tonight
Can I keep you company
Would you like a cup of tea
Or maybe champagne and caviar
Dressed up like Mardi Gras

Wha'd'ya say to a party now
Never go to bed til morning
Wouldn't it be fun to watch the sun
Come out to play

Tonight we're young forever
Tonight we are divine
We have such fun together
Let me tell you one more time

Tomorrow won't happen, til tomorrow
I'd like to tell tomorrow go away
I love you when you're smiling
Your eyes are so beguiling
I'll miss you when today is yesterday




© Rebecca Music/Lucky4Music


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