Zelda The Musical

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Little Miz Alabama

Zelda: 1900 - 1948

Year: 1918
Zelda's home, 6 Pleasant Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama

It's early evening in July. 18 year old Zelda is getting ready to go to a Saturday night ball at the Montgomery Country Club. She finishes dressing and steps out of her bedroom. She's met at the bottom of the stairs by her father, Judge Sayre. Overwhelmed by her beauty, he takes her in his arms, they dance and he sings:-

Long ago, you were an angel
Daddy held you tight
You've become a beautiful woman
Daddy's so proud tonight.
Little Miz Alabama
You're looking starry bright
Lovely with eyes a shining
Shining for me tonight.

I love you Miz Alabama
I know I always will
Heaven is Alabama
My sweet girl.

Oh what a night for dancing
S'wonderful being here
Can I begin romancing
You my dear.

I love you Miz Alabama
I know I always will
Heaven's sweet Alabama
You're my girl.


© Rebecca Music/Lucky4Music


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